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Cycloserine (Seromycin) is indicated for the treatment of active (clinical) tuberculosis (TB) in conjunction with other antituberculosis agents.

Seromycin (Cycloserine) is a second-line agent used in treatment of drug-resistant TB caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis known or presumed to be susceptible to cycloserine.

For initial treatment of active TB caused by drug-susceptible M. tuberculosis, recommended multiple-drug regimens of Seromycin (Cycloserine) capsules consist of an initial intensive phase (2 months) and a continuation phase (4 or 7 months). Although the usual duration of treatment for drug-susceptible pulmonary and extrapulmonary TB (except disseminated infections and TB meningitis) is 69 months, ATS, CDC, and IDSA state that completion of treatment is determined more accurately by the total number of doses and should not be based solely on the duration of therapy. A longer duration of treatment (e.g., 1224 months) usually is necessary for infections caused by drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Patients with treatment failure or drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis, including multidrug-resistant (MDR) TB (resistant to both isoniazid and rifampin) or extensively drug-resistant (XDR) TB (resistant to both isoniazid and rifampin and also resistant to a fluoroquinolone and at least one parenteral second-line antimycobacterial such as capreomycin, kanamycin, or amikacin), should be referred to or managed in consultation with experts in the treatment of TB as identified by local or state health departments or CDC.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Has been used for treatment of acute UTIs caused by susceptible gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria, especially Enterobacter or Escherichia coli. Seromycin (Cycloserine) capsules 250 mg are generally less effective than other antibacterials available for treatment of UTIs.

Cycloserine (Seromycin) should be used for treatment of UTIs only when other more effective and less toxic alternatives are contraindicated and susceptibility to cycloserine has been demonstrated.

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